adjkm is an architecture collective founded in 2010. The group operates in Caracas.

The creation of the collective is the result of the group's participation at the Caracas Symphony Complex competition, where their proposal was awarded first place. Their experience in this competition encouraged them to participate in national and international competitions such as the Simón Diaz Cultural Center in Petare (Honorable Mention), Galeria Venezia renovation (Honorable Mention), La Carlota Metropolitan Green Park, the Chaban Delmas Stadium Renovation in Bordeaux, the Teatro Colón Complex in Bogotá, and most recently, the Puerta del Sol renovation in Madrid.

The collective's work is based on the interaction of different activities such as research, communication, experimentation and synergy with other disciplines within the architectural project. This approach allows them to respond locally and globally to a wide variety of contemporary issues.

adjkm currently works for the competition-winning Caracas Symphony Complex, a Concert Hall prototype for a Music Conservatory, a 90HA resort masterplan and a social cooking school in La Guaira.

Alejandro Méndez, Daniel Otero, Khristian Ceballos and Mawarí Núñez.

Current Team:
Mariana Lugo, Silvia Caradonna, Fernando Sánchez, Abel Piñate, Yoryelina Moreno, Verónica Hoffman, Carla Gonçalves, Odelis Lozada and Maria Daniela Ceballo.

Design Team since 2010:
Alejandro Dappo, José Castillo, Jean Rio, Mariana Otero, María Leonor Cordero, Franedward Moreno, Astrid Safina, María Eugenia Duarte, Fedora Dasilva, Pauline Scannella, Simonett Rosenberg, Nicole Calderón, Irene Jackson, Charlotte Serna, Johana Arias, Samantha Pieters, Lino Cáceres, Josymar Rodríguez and Javier Mogollón.

Consultants and Partners:
///// Alicia Cristo graphic designer, Andrés Otero structural engineering, Andrés Rengifo media and video, BACKROOM CARACAS Rody Douzoglou art platform, Bernardo Risquez art music and architecture, BKBS Bertrand Renaudin and Quiterie Mahler architects/Paris, DUCKS SCENO Frans Swarte theatrical consultants, Gaëlle Smits fashion designer, Gastón Parra engineering, GUERIN PEDROZA Héctor Pedroza and Pierre Guerin architects/Paris, Iván González architect, Javier Guerra architect/Madrid, Javier Mogollón architect/Panama, MICRA Camilo Cáceres and Cristian Fontana architects, MINIMA Jose and Roberto Sebastiani architects and interior designers, NAGATA ACOUSTICS acoustic consultants, Rodolfo Agrella architect and designer, Ruy Porto architect/Madrid, Ricardo Limongi graphic designer, SMITH FALCHETTI Enrique Méndez industrial design and production, Tomás Méndez acoustics and architecture /////